Graphex Global vision is to end poverty by decreasing the unemployment rate, so people everywhere in the world can live a decent life. Create a platform where they completely independent. They can work at home, while traveling, while sitting in the beach, even while taking care of their children at home. Our goal is to increase and promote lasting family bounding, decrease massive migration, and diminish extreme poverty due to lack of jobs.

We believe the fight against poverty in the world it’s not only about charity, but create an environment where they can be linked, empowered, inspired and transformed should on top of the list. Giving them the opportunity to work and provide for themselves, is our main priority at Graphex.

Why Graphex?

Make money in minutes&
You get paid for the service right after you complete the job,
plus tips and other commisions
and you are in control of how much you want to make.
Be an agent of change
When you work at Graphex, you become an agent of change, a facilitator, you help each other people do more for less. you participate in the global vision in making the world become a better place. At the end of the day, we both win.
Be your own boss
You make your own shedule, you work when you want, and wherever you want. you are completly independent, you have 100% control of your time, you have the freedom to pick and choose your own projects and companies you would like to associate with. You can work while home, while traveling, while sitting in the beach, even while taking care of your children at home.