It is our mission to afford employment access, and entrepreneurial
opportunities to people around the world, aiming to forever change lives,
careers, and businesses. Graphex Technology strives to be a company
that cares about meeting the needs of its customers,
freelancers, international students and its affiliates;
thereby promoting freedom, flexibility, growth, and
satisfaction with no compromise to quality of services.

While evolving with our ever-changing landscape of the technological world.
Graphex offers an array of possibilities, and is proudly aiming at ending poverty,
by contributing to the reduction of unemployment rates around the world;
decreasing the influx of massive migration and influence the lessening of Pollution.
At Graphex Technology we aspire to make the world a better place.

A Word From the CEO

Wendy Pierre

On behalf of all our directors and managers at Graphex Technology,
We are thrilled to welcome you to our company.
You just made a giant step in your career by becoming a partner of Graphex and a member of a global community;
Graphex is all about Discovering Your Purpose and get the most out of it.
A wise man once said: “If you don’t let people use you, you become useless.”
In a world where everything seems not to be working well.
Government is unable to create jobs, unemployment rate is escalating,
Technology is killing a lot of jobs, banks are closing, family disintegration due to lack of jobs.
People are asking government to leave before their mandate time
because leaders don’t keep their words; a Global market like Graphex where you can sell your services,
your gifts and your talents is what the world needs right now.

As the world is changing, Graphex Technology is preparing the future for You.
If you get laid off, use the time for you to know the truth and what you capable of doing,
in other words discover your purpose. If you don’t have a job,
or you are living in a country where you have never worked before, don’t worry! You are at the right place.
At Graphex Technology, we want you to be deployed, not employed.
We want you to become an entrepreneur, a business partner, not an employee;
Where you are sitting in a box from 9 to 5, you cannot apply your knowledge potentially and efficiently.
Where an employer is telling you how much they can offer hourly, when you know you’re worth much more.
We want to disrupt that modern slavery type of life, where A boss is telling you what time to clock in and out,
What time to take lunch, when to go on vacation, and how much you will make per year.
Basically, your life is controlled, they already know if you will be successful or not
Because they calculate by the time you retire, how much money you’ll be making by then.
Most of the time, while amid work, you are transported into a dream state,
Looking at yourself in a virtual mirror, you know that is not the right place for you.
Sometimes, you feel like quitting your job, but you’re asking yourself what are you going to do?
What are the kids going to eat? How are the bills going to be paid?
You know you are gifted, and talented but you do not want to admit it,
and most time you do not know where to start.
When you sit at that desk, deep inside of you, you’re really thinking about a gift,
a talent that you have, this is what you really want to do but you’re scared of quitting
because there’s no guarantee that you will find something else to do.
Well, Graphex is here to the rescue! Now is the time to discover your purpose,
do what you like doing best and let the world pay you for it.

You don’t need to be the tallest, nor the heaviest, the biggest, the longest or the largest to impact the world.
You are a leader, and you can lead in your gifted area. I would like to quote a well-known verse in the Bible,
Proverbs 18:16 that says: “A man’s gift opens doors for him and brings him before great men.”
It’s time to use your gifts and talents and let them serve you. The only thing you need is a leadership’s attitude;
Your attitude makes you different from everybody else.
Look at the lion, is not the heaviest, not the smartest animal in the jungle,
but when he shows up every animal on its territory straighten up.
The lion keeps on being the king of the jungle, because of his enormous attitude.
You need to change your belief system it defines who you are;
You cannot become more than you think you are, your belief system is what determined your attitude.
The elephant is bigger, heavier, smarter, more powerful and larger but yet when he sees the lion, he runs.
Change will start happening when you start working on your thinking;
Remember start acting the way you think, and you will see success coming your way!
Containers of blessings and prosperities will be delivered to your house.
You can start today, by redesigning your belief system.